Who is ioFABRIC?

We are an award-winning data management company whose software solves data challenges while reducing complexity and optimizing costs.


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What is ioFABRIC Vicinity?

ioFABRIC Vicinity is a multi-site, multi-cloud data fabric, ensuring storage is always available, always protected, always evergreen. Vicinity 3.0 creates a data fabric supporting applications running on legacy servers, VMs, containers, and clouds.

Vicinity is sold through ioFABRIC’s reseller and distribution channel, supported by our industry-leading LEaD program – if you’re interested in more details on this, see our Partner page.


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With awards ranging from Most Innovative CEO to Most Innovative Business Application – plus being named on a number of watch-lists – we are recognized as one of the best in the industry.

Our Team

Founded in 2013 by an executive team that has worked together for more than 20 years, the company is funded by private investors and Real Ventures.

ioFABRIC is an industry leader in customer service and product development: agile and responsive.


Steven Lamb
CEO & Co-Founder

Steven forged himself as a data storage expert with server-side caching at Nevex Virtual Technologies and now with ioFABRIC, he has a game-changing product in the data storage arena. Steven is a successful serial entrepreneur on his fifth venture, bringing a broad range of strategic positioning, management skills, and leadership experience.

Steven’s first company, Border Network Technologies, became the second largest firewall vendor worldwide. Others included INEX, Nevex Software and the most recent, NEVEX Virtual Technologies, a cache acceleration company.

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Rayan Zachariassen

Rayan Zachariassen
CTO & Co-Founder

Rayan is an expert in network and systems architectures and systems software support for efficient data storage systems. Rayan is the classical technology visionary and a pioneer of the Canadian Internet industry.

Founder of Uunet Canada, Rayan’s venture became Canada’s first commercial Internet Service Provider, purchased in 1998 by Uunet Technologies, the world’s largest ISP.  He also co-founded Border Network Technologies with Steven Lamb.

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Andrew Flint

Andrew Flint
VP Marketing

Andrew is a co-founder of Nevex Software with over 20 years of marketing and product management experience.

At ioFABRIC, Andrew is responsible for all aspects of marketing and product direction, including positioning and messaging, marketing campaigns, product direction, as well as customer, market, and competitive analysis.

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Nigel Miller

Nigel Miller
VP Business Development

As VP Business Development at ioFABRIC, Nigel is responsible for international channel and partner development—both OEMs and MSPs. Nigel has over 30 years experience as a cross-functional team player able to bridge the gaps between operations, technology, sales, and marketing.

As a business leader and mentor, Nigel has a proven ability to drive growth in both startup and corporate environments. Previous to ioFABRIC, Nigel was a key member of the senior management team at NEVEX. Here he directed business development, initial direct sales, and the developing of a reseller and distribution channel. Nevex was sold to Intel Corporation.

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Nicholas Baron

Nicholas Baron
Product Manager

Nicholas’ experience spans software companies from large (Hewlett Packard) to small (SoftArc) with over 25+ years in the industry. Whether as a Consultant, Product Technical Manager, Support Manager, or now Product Manager he always has the customers best interest in mind and considers the customer the “North Star” for any company.

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Deborah Brooks Lamb
Business Development Manager

As Business Development Manager at ioFABRIC, Deborah is defining long-term strategic goals, building key customer relationships, and identifying business opportunities with channels and OEMs. She works closely with both the marketing and sales teams to make ioFABRIC a leader in the data management space.

For over 20 years Deborah has worked with emerging technology-based organizations focusing on the B2B market—a notoriously difficult space to enter. Her efforts have contributed to numerous acquisitions by well-known North American companies.

Read the latest from Deborah.

Antony Chazapis

Antony Chazapis
Software Development Team Lead

Antony is leading the software development team. An enthusiast of technology and and active developer himself, he has been working on implementing real-world innovative distributed systems and applications since getting his PhD in 2002.

Before ioFABRIC he was involved in research and development of large-scale peer-to-peer networks, computing and storage Grids, Pithos (an open source cloud storage service), and numerous iOS and Mac OS applications.

Asia Pacific

Greg Wyman

Greg Wyman
VP Asia-Pacific

Greg Wyman has established a reputation for dominating the Asia Pacific market with disruptive technologies, having built a regional presence for Seagate Software, VERITAS, Brocade, and, most recently, StorageCraft.

After beginning his IT career in 1988 with EMC, Greg has notched up more than 26 years in the industry and is recognized as a regional ‘market maker’ for start-up vendors, a thought leader for innovative technology, and a subject matter expert in the storage industry.

Greg will drive ioFABRIC’s Asia Pacific expansion, initially by focusing on the Australian and New Zealand markets, and working closely with the management team and local partners to drive the standardization of ioFABRIC technology across all sizes of business.

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