We Are Facing the Next Inevitable Technology Transition

Massive data growth and storage complexity have created a new demand for more efficient, cost-friendly storage products.

IT professionals are looking for any way to manage and expand their storage without fighting for more budget or more time to do it – and loyalty to past vendors won’t always factor in.

Increasing data center complexity

Exponential data growth

Vendors losing traction with customers

How Do Vendors Keep up?

As virtualization changed the compute landscape so dramatically, software-defined storage is the next step in the inevitable storage transition.

ioFABRIC Vicinity transforms the storage infrastructure, unifying existing systems and extending with new media to reach new levels of service.

Be a part of the change

When change comes, be in the right place at the right time with ioFABRIC’s innovative programs.

With the ioFABRIC Connect Partner Program and our industry-unique LEaD program, we are changing what partner-vendor relationships look like.

We want you to be your customers’ strategic partner and see them through the next decades’ storage demands.

Sign up now and get exclusive access to ioFABRIC’s educational, marketing, and sales support library.

We Enable Your Customers

LEaD – Learn, Explore, and Deploy is a unique online educational tool that channel partners can brand and use to enhance the sales process.

LEaD gives customers a platform to see first-hand how Vicinity can help them. It gives you the sales tools, information, and know-how to close deals from the start.

“LEaD gives me what I have been looking for. It’s the first time a vendor has provided the exact sales tools I need to get started out of the gate.”


Find out how the LEaD Program helps partners


Learn on our Learn page for yourself

Join the ioFABRIC Connect Partner Program

and watch your business transform!

Join the ioFABRIC Connect Partner Program and you’ll have access to:


Enable your team with ioFABRIC’s powerful training curriculum and full library of online training material, including pre- and post-sales support programs.


Always send the right message with ioFABRIC’s library of messaging and collateral, including pre-packaged campaigns ready for use.


Get the competitive advantage when you coordinate with us on special pricing, and use our library of sales tools to outsmart your competition.

Join Now!

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